Terms of use

These general conditions govern the supply of the Service offered to users by MOQU ADV Srl ("MOQU ADV"), with headquarters in Florence (Italy), Viale Giovine Italia 17, VAT number 06287670480.

With this service MOQU ADV offers users the chance to receive information and materials from third parties in the form of links, banners, etc. ("Information"), to assist them in using the products and services on the web. Clicking on this Information users will directly enter the site of the third party where they will be able to use the products and services for which they were searching.

This site contains Information regarding the products and services of third parties. This information is provided by MOQU ADV only to facilitate users in searching for the products and services they desire. MOQU ADV has neither verified nor checked the Information and therefore cannot warrant and cannot be liable for the truthfulness or the accuracy of said information.

Users hereby undertake to respect the conditions of the service provided for herein. Users agree to not use the service for illegal purposes and to not violate any applicable laws and/or regulations. Should Users be given the possibility to leave comments and/or add content, they must conform with all current laws and regulations and, in particular, Users must not add content that breaches the rights and/or reputations of third parties, exempting MOQU ADV from any and all liability therein. If MOQU ADV deems that the User has violated any of the obligations herein, MOQU ADV reserves the right to immediately interrupt the service at any time, at its own unquestionable discretion. The User hereby duly notes that he/she is the only one liable for activities carried out when using the Service directly or indirectly. Consequently MOQU ADV cannot be held liable for any activities carried out by users.

The Service is offered "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE", therefore, MOQU ADV shall not be liable regarding the use, the availability, the punctuality or the cancellation of the Service. All information published on the site is provided for the sole purpose of assisting users in searching for desired products and services, therefore users who use the Service do so at their own liability. MOQU ADV does not warrant about the accuracy, the truthfulness or the completeness of the Information and does not carry out any controls therein. Further, MOQU ADV does not warrant about (i) the identity, the legal capacity, the seriousness of intentions or other characteristics of third party advertisers, (ii) the quality, the lawfulness and the security of the products and/or services object of the Information, (iii) the truthfulness and the accuracy of the descriptions provided. MOQU ADV shall not be liable for any damages deriving from the user’s use of the Information or access to the site by third parties following the use of the Information. MOQU ADV hereby undertakes to make every reasonable effort to guarantee the Service, but MOQU ADV cannot be held liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages and/or faults that may arise in the supply of the Service and which may escape its technical controls, such as, for example, breakdowns in the management of the telephone and/or data communication networks that may allow users to connect to MOQU ADV's site or use the Service, that is to say, any other breakdown caused by faults in the means necessary for access, improper use of what is mentioned above and/or the ways the Service is accessed by Users.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Parties agree that any and all communications between the two may be sent via contact form.

The site and the web pages therein, the technology and the sourcing codes, the service, the ideas, the marks and logos, the graphics, the photos, the animations, the videos and the texts and in general any creative content on the site or connected to the services offered, with the exception of the Information that is the property of third parties, are the exclusive property of MOQU ADV and cannot be reproduced, used or represented without previous and formal authorization by MOQU ADV; consequently any breach of the Intellectual Property of MOQU ADV will be persecuted by law.

The service present conditions are governed by Italian Laws.